The Princess Morphologies


The Princess Morphologies

A Formalist analysis of Pixar’s Brave and other Disney Princess movies.


Author: ladonnapietra

@ladonnapietra on Twitter

2 thoughts on “The Princess Morphologies

  1. Amazing. Could I ask you your thoughts on a couple of things? 1) I’ve always thought Ariel broke a little ground as a Disney Princess through her acceptance of the consequences of her actions. 2) Am I wrong in thinking that Belle is supremely overrated? here’s what I got from the movie “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere” Yes! fantastic! wait…. did you just marry the first rich guy you met and move into a gilded cage? Did that just happen? 3) I’d love to hear your thoughts about how Frozen fits the paradigm. best essay I’ve read in ages.

    • 1) She does, and she also follows up on the self-actualizing previously seen in Cinderella, but then things get complicated again.

      2) Belle drives me bonkers, but she’s in many ways a product of her source fairy tale, which is largely about moving women from one gilded cage to another and learning to deal with it. (I wrote some other stuff about this topic in another essay, if you’re interested).

      3) I actually haven’t seen Frozen yet, which I am hoping to rectify this weekend. Details to follow!

      Thank you for reading!

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